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August 29, 2006

Before Love Came to Town

Did you see the story “Notes: Reds show love for Valentin” on Reds.com?? I'm so excited!

No, not just because Javy's already signed to come back just seven months after the last time they signed him to come back, though of course I'm excited about that:

On Monday, Valentin was given a one-year, $1.25 million contract extension for 2007 with a club option for 2008.

The club option is for $1.3 million, which includes a $75,000 buyout. That option would escalate to $1.35 million if gets 250 plate appearances next year, and $1.4 million if he reaches 300 plate appearances.

That's awesome, of course, but what I'm psyched about is the headline on the story. Sure, you might think that including “love” is just a play on “Valentín”, but I choose to believe that's it's one-third of “Latin Love Machine.”