November 1, 2006

Aurilia a Free Agent

Everyone's saying it by now, but I'll quote Marc, since it gets me a neat link in his “Links to this Post” section:

Rich Aurilia has decided to decline his $2 million mutual option for 2007.

The veteran infielder is now a free agent and still would be able to re-sign with the Reds. You'll recall he went through the same process last winter.

Of course, last season he couldn't get anyone to even accept his resume, let alone give him an interview. This year, the folks in New York mention him about every day.

You can imagine that the news of Aurilia's free agency hasn't escaped the New York Post, Kevin Kernan for whom made sure to mention it. Yesterday it was Mark Hale who dropped Aurilia's name. Both are talking about the possibility of him taking over second base for the Mets.

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