November 10, 2006

David Weathers: The New Rich Aurilia

Just when you thought that Rich Aurilia was the only Red whose name was being bounced around in the media, in comes David Weathers.

His name popped up this weekend in the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he was mentioned again yesterday:

But Gillick thinks the Phillies not only can land that big fish in left field, but re-sign Randy Wolf, complete the rotation, and rebuild the bullpen. The Phillies won't be going after any Japanese pitchers, third basemen or otherwise. But they will look at righthanders Joe Borowski, David Weathers and others to fortify the bullpen. Mark DeRosa or Wes Helms could spell trouble for Nuñez at third base.

He comes up again in the Daily Herald, however briefly:

Just pondering

Think White Sox GM Kenny Williams is looking at free-agent relievers Joe Borowski or David Weathers?

Here's what I'm pondering: Is there any chance we'll get to see the Philles and White Sox get in a bidding war over Weathers? Because I think that might be something I'd like to see.

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