November 16, 2006

Casey Re-Enlists With Tigers

Everyone's favorite ex-Red, Sean Casey, has re-upped with Detroit for another year. Sez Marc:

All I'd been hearing the last couple weeks was there was no way Sean Casey would be back in Detroit next year. The Tigers wanted someone with more pop at first base (sound familiar?) and they seemed poised to look elsewhere. Maybe acquiring Gary Sheffield helped ease some of those production concerns, because Casey has agreed to a one-year deal with the Tigers.

The Tigers, as you'll recall, have some interest in Scott Schoeneweis. It would make for a lovely reunion of ex-Reds if the two had played together. As it is, I imagine the conversation going something like this:

Casey: Hi, Scott, nice to meet ya. Awesome to have you here. Welcome to the team.
Schoeneweis: Sup.
Casey: So you used to play for the Reds, too, huh? That's awesome. I used to play there, you know.
Schoeneweis: Yeah, I heard.
Casey: How'd you like it there? It was pretty awesome, right? Lots of nice people and cool places to hang out.
Schoeneweis: I guess so.
Casey: So--um--does--uh--my name ever come up in conversations in the ol' clubhouse?
Schoeneweis: Yeah. I mean, sure man.
Casey: What do people say?
Schoeneweis: They're all like, 'he's so nice' and everything.
Casey: (beaming) Wow, that's really awesome. I'm going to go find some underprivileged kids to inspire or something. Catch you later.
Schoeneweis: Awesome.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to the 2007 season already.

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