November 20, 2006

LaRue To Be the Biggest Star In Kansas City

Marc says (and a Royals press release confirms) that the Reds have traded Jason LaRue to Kansas City for a player to be named later:

According to a baseball source, the Reds are on the verge of trading catcher Jason LaRue to the Kansas City Royals. The Reds will receive a player to be named later. No cash involved in the deal.

Of course you know I favored the idea of trading David Ross for something over trading LaRue for nothing, but without knowing what the demand was for Ross, it's hard to complain. Anyway, I supposed that could still happen. Probably not, though, because Krivsky has already demonstrated an obvious distaste for anyone he didn't personally bring into the organization.

The good news: LaRue gets to hang with Luke Hudson again. We at RHM wish LaRue the best of luck.

13 comments to “LaRue To Be the Biggest Star In Kansas City”

  1. ohiobobcat says:

    OBC will greatly miss hearing “A Country Boy Will Survive” @ gabp.

    I choose to remember him pimping for Bush, seated next to Lindner on a podium one dark night at GABP.

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    I admire your taste in music, sir – that’s my favorite Hank Jr. song right there.

    “Woke Up This Morning Tasting Jim Beam” is a close second, though.


  3. HoosierVirg says:

    Jason was a good defensive player. sorry to see him go. I too shall miss his music at GABP. Hope Ross is up to being #1 behind the plate, seems like we have improved some on defense at SS but where will the offense come from?

  4. DevilsAdvocate says:

    While ballplayers’ theme music is being discussed, I look forward to a time when someone with a sense of humor approaches the plate to the sound of an accordion polka, perhaps something by Weird Al, or (dare to dream) [i]Five-Piece Chicken Dinner[/i] by the Beastie Boys.

    LaRue’s was just about the only thing I can think of that stood out from the anonymous bass thumps.

  5. Zeldink says:

    I don’t know about LaRue having the only plate music that stood apart from the others. I mean, I always noticed when “Sister Christian” played as Dunn walked up to bat.

  6. ohiobobcat says:

    Ditto on the “Sister Christian”, I noticed that also. I’ve already forgotten Kearns’ and Casey’s ab music.

  7. KittyDuran says:

    Wasn’t Casey’s was some song by Creed? IIRC Kearns was “You’re Looking At Country”.

  8. Zeldink says:

    Creed sounds right for Casey. I can’t remember Kearns’ either.

    I do remember that at one game I attended in 2005 they played Casey’s version of [i]How Do You Like Me Now?[/i] from [url=]Oh Say Can You Sing?[/url].

  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    Don’t forget about Wily Mo and his Ice Ice Baby. I got my first [url=]link from Deadspin[/url] regarding that particular plate music, back when a link from Deadspin got you a half-dozen hits.

    That Deadspin entry also links to [url=]a list of at bat music[/url] on ESPN’s page three. It’s out of date, but Casey, Kearns, and Dunn are on there.

  10. smartelf says:

    I am not convinced LaRue is going to win the starting job in KC. I mean Buck isn’t going to just sit idly by while a career .239 hitter claims his job based on his own inflated ego and a ridiculous salary rather than any actual offensive skill. Yea he’s pretty good defensively, but he wound up exactly where he belongs: sharing duties in Kansas City, about 45 games out of a penant race. I’m sure he’ll be real popular in front of the 8,000 or so fans that show up on any given night.

  11. Red Hot Mama says:

    You never know: maybe all the Royals need is some down-home country goodness.

  12. Zeldink says:

    Maybe. But a quick trip to Bob Evans would be cheaper.

  13. BubbaFan says:

    Bubba Crosby’s at-bat music is “Shine Down” by Godsmack. I don’t know if he chose it, or if the Stadium crew just decided that the harmonica/jug band intro was suited to a guy named “Bubba.”