November 21, 2006

The Pole Poll and Polls in General

Congratulations to KC2HMZ, the winner of our Dick Pole Limerick Contest. His entry, below, garnered four votes. Not bad for my first poll:

There once was an old coach named Dick
Who could teach pitchers wonderful tricks
But he'd barter his soul
To achieve his true goal:
A name that did not suggest pricks.

For winning the contest, HMZ will receive an autographed copy of the increasingly out-of-date Funnyball, a freebie bumper sticker that I picked up at the Reds Caravan stop in Indy last year, some matchbooks that are technically illegal to mail, and a small amount of rhinovirus, since I'm home sick with the sniffles today.

So, as of today, we've got a new poll. This one asks “Which new Red will help the team the most?” Choices include Bubba Crosby, Alex Gonzalez, Lack of Jason LaRue, and Jeff Brantley. See the right-sidebar to vote.

3 comments to “The Pole Poll and Polls in General”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Kewl. I’ll cherish those prizes forever. Especially the rhinovirus.

    Good thing tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, I’m told that turkey soup is just as effective as chicken soup for that sort of ailment. Apparently it’s the warmth and the steam rising up from the soup and being breathed in that helps, and not so much the chicken.

    Regarding the new poll…Jeff Brantley? What about Stanton?

    FWIW, I voted for Gonzalez, but only because we don’t yet know who’s going to fill the roster slot opened by the departure of Jason “Passed Ball” LaRue. He didn’t play enough this year to make much of a difference one way or another, so it’ll come down to what the guy who replaces him on the 25-man roster does.

    Thanks in advance for the package of goodies, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  2. Zeldink says:

    [quote]Regarding the new poll…Jeff Brantley? What about Stanton?[/quote]I think it’s obvious to even the most casual observer everyone in the poll, including Jeff Brantley, will have a far greater impact for the team than Mike Stanton.

    I mean, Stanton’s only a middle reliever. How much could one of those possibly be worth?

  3. KC2HMZ says:

    Stanton was the Giants’ closer at the end of the 2006 season. How much could a closer possibly be worth?

    BTW, there’s a similar poll on the official site, which has been up for several days now. It asks, “What is the best move the Reds have made so far this off season?”

    Visitors may select from the following choices:

    1. Signing SS Alex Gonzalez
    2. Signing LHP Mike Stanton
    3. Signing OF Bubba Crosby
    4. Trading C Jason LaRue to KC
    5. The best move is yet to come.

    Of the 4273 votes cast as of this writing, the majority (2313, or 54%) copped out completely and voted that “The best move is yet to come,” and the Crack Hard Facts Staff hopes some rich benefactor somewhere will treat each and every one of them to a free complimentary Nutty Buddy, in size “The Boss”.

    Of the remaining visitors, the ones who actually picked on of the four moves made so far, 126 (3%) voted for signing Stanton, 264 (6%) voted for signing Crosby, and 729 (17%) voted for signing Gonzalez. In case there’s a rich benefactor taking notes, those folks should get The Hog.

    And 841 (20%) thought ditching LaRue was the best move Krivsky’s made so far. You guessed it – ship those folks El Jefe!!!