November 24, 2006

Take Carlos Lee off your Christmas List

Because he's already sold out. Today the Astros signed him to a 6-year/$100 million contract. Says

Lee's contract will pay him $11 million in 2007, plus a $3 million signing bonus. He will receive $12 million for 2008 and $18.5 million for each of the last four years of the contract, which runs through the 2012 season. The agreement contains a full no-trade clause for the first four years and a limited no-trade clause the final two years, during which Lee and the Astros must agree on which teams he can be dealt to in the event the Astros decide to trade him.

It's not that I ever expected the Reds to pursue Lee--we've already got a power left-fielder to worry about--but I'm not at all pleased to see him land in Houston. This was a team that we've always counted on to be offensively anemic. If they start hitting, what's next? The Cubs meeting expectations? The Brewers failing to go entirely unnoticed? The Pirates winning??

It's a mad world, my friends.

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