December 2, 2006

Javier Valentín’s Wife

Javier Valentí­n's WifeJavy’s wife, Ingrid, acted as a runway model for the Reds’ new line of merchandise during Redsfest 2006. She’s a very good looking woman: being a Latin Love Machine must go a long way with the ladies.

2 comments to “Javier Valentín’s Wife”

  1. HoosierVirg says:

    Very attractive lady and she knew how to walk the walk down that runway, didn’t Coffey’s wife come out with her too? First time at Redsfest and took my grandson over both days, he had his picture taken with Denorfia and Claussen, nice looking guy too. We had the pictures taken at the Cincinnati Bell booth where they take the picture and put it in a little frame for you. We both had our pictures taken with Valentin and Majewski. Gary was by himself when we got in line but Javier came up and joined him. We were next for pictures but Javier, his wife and very cute son had their picture taken with Gary first then we had ours taken with both of the guys. Two for the price of one. What a great time!

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    You are correct, HoosierVirg, Mrs. Coffey was also on the stage, and while she modelled the new Reds merchandise very nicely, Mrs. Valentín really had it going on.

    Sounds like you had some great photo experiences. It’s so nice when the players make a kid’s day.