December 5, 2006

Marlins Seek CF; Heartthrobs Welcome

Again Chris Denorfia's name has come up in trade speculation in the Florida media. This time, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel identifies him as a possibility for the Marlins center field:

Nate McLouth is well thought of by the Marlins' front office and could be a cheaper fallback option than Duffy. Cincinnati's Chris Denorfia is another intriguing possibility and likely available for pitching help since the Reds are keeping Ken Griffey Jr. in center.

“We'd like to grow with a young center fielder, but I wouldn't say there's a definite profile,” Beinfest said. “We have a good young team and we're looking to add good young talent.”

You might notice that this is very similar to the last Deno rumor I posted about, so it may well just be one reporter's pipe dream. Plus, there's the fact that Krivsky seems to like Denorfia OK and as recently as Redsfest was assuring fans that they'd be seeing him in right field.

On the other hand, the Reds are in need of an outfielder, so it makes sense that Kriv-dawg will trade him away. Plus the fact that the article says the Marlins are looking to give up any pitching, and I think this sounds like a sure thing. I expect we'll be getting Dan Uggla somehow: we're due for another second baseman.

5 comments to “Marlins Seek CF; Heartthrobs Welcome”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    I think the Marlins would give up one young pitcher. But Tampa wants at least two in exchange for Baldelli, and that’s what the Marlins are balking at.

    The Yankees are reportedly trying to pry Willis away from the Marlins, perhaps in exchange for Melky Cabrera, another prospect or two, and a ton o’ cash.

  2. BubbaFan says:

    From today’s [url=]Palm Beach Post[/url]:

    [quote]Beinfest did say the Marlins are being aggressive in their efforts to shore up the roster, hinting that they could make a trade before leaving the winter meetings Thursday.

    “We’re not coming here for the thrill rides,” he said. “We’re active. We’re trying.”

    The Marlins have spoken to the Cincinnati Reds about Chris Denorfia as a center field candidate. Denorfia, 26, hit .283 with one home run in 106 at-bats with the Reds last year, his second year in the majors.[/quote]

  3. smartelf says:

    Without looking up the stats,. I recall baldelli had a really nice first half of a season in 2003.. since then he has been hurt 95% of the time… why on Earth would we trade prospects and Denorfia for this guy? Denorfia might very well be better than him straight up! He’s certainly a lot healthier, that much we know.

  4. BubbaFan says:

    It’s the Marlins that want Baldelli. They are desperately seeking a CFer with the speed and arm to patrol their cavernous outfield. They were using their SS in CF last year. And assorted other warm bodies. Girardi even tried to trade for Bubba early last season, but the Yanks refused. (When Girardi was on the Yankees staff, he was in the camp that thought Bubba could be an everyday player.)

    Anyway, Baldelli is currently the Marlins’ first choice, but they may not be able to afford him. Rumor is, he’s headed for the White Sox.

    What the Marlins have that everyone else wants is a bunch of talented young starting pitchers. While everyone talks about Willis, he was actually their third-best pitcher this year, stat-wise. I assume if Denorfia is traded to the Marlins, it will be for a young starting pitcher.

  5. smartelf says:

    Ah… thanks for the clarification, BubbaFan.