December 10, 2006

RedsFest Photo Grab Bag

I think my dream room might have a bigger bed.I'm still spending the majority of my time sniffling and sneezing, but I can't stand not to put up something for the faithful Reds fans who check in even over the weekend. Without you (and the people who stumble onto my site when looking for porn) Red Hot Mama would be a lonely, lonely place in December.

So, for your time-filling enjoyment, are a handful of photos from Redsfest. The first is the “Dream Room” that you could sign up to win. There was a LOT of licensed merchandise here, but not so much as a single Red Hot Mama clock, so I was disappointed.

You should see her bat.The Louisville Slugger Museum sent a couple of women with very large equipment to the Redsfest to chat with children and pose for pictures, like this one seen here. They were very friendly, handing out their free tickets to the museum to everyone who happened by. Unlike the Lottery people who showed up later in the day on Saturday with tons of merchandise that they could not, by law, give to minors. Not that it's their fault, but I do think it was odd that they brought size medium shirts.

And you thought Casey was sweet.For Redsfesters with a sweet tooth, there was an assortment of chocolates available, many with a baseball theme. These little chocolate players look just good enough to eat, like many of the actual players.

Not sure what clowns have to do with Indy, but OK.The Reds Hall of Fame exhibit was mostly filled with people who were standing in line for an autograph and people watching the Reds trivia contest on the stage. But if you could get beyond the crush, you were treated to some interesting exhibits. These pictures show the team logos of the Indianapolis Clowns and Atlanta Black Crackers, two teams from the Negro Leagues.

A mixed message.The Hall of Fame exhibit also contained a Woman and Baseball section, which featured women playing baseball, as most everyone is now familiar with thanks to the movie A League of Their Own. I think that's great, but where is the section on women executives, trainers, and journalists who have had their say in shaping the sport? There are some of those, right?

We're almost through the photos now. Our final installment will be photos from the big concert on Friday night. You'll surely want to tune in for that: Bronson Arroyo playing music I didn't even like when it was popular was the headliner.

5 comments to “RedsFest Photo Grab Bag”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    Wow, I had no idea Bronson Arroyo had a music career. Does he use his own songs for his at-bat music? (I hear tell pitchers actually bat over here in the NL… 😉

    Not much in the way of trade rumors over the weekend. Though ESPN is reporting that the Marlins are in trade talks with the Red Sox. They want center fielder David Murphy, and are trying to determine which pitcher Boston gets in return. If true, I guess it means Denorfia is safe.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, BF,
    You know, I’m can’t remember whether Bronson uses his own music at the plate. I don’t think he does, but I could totally see him being that guy.

  3. otto says:

    He doesn’t. He uses “45” by Shinedown….

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Welcome, otto! It’s always nice to have a new commenter, especially one so well-versed in the plate music of our players. I’ll add it to his Human League entry.

  5. KC2HMZ says:

    RHM wrote: “The Louisville Slugger Museum sent a couple of women with very large equipment to the Redsfest to chat with children and pose for pictures, like this one seen here.”

    Eh? her equipment doesn’t look all that large to me…?

    Oh! You mean the GLOVE!