December 12, 2006

Podcasts and the Health Issues that Delay Them

The podcast was supposed to go down yesterday, but I was out-for-the-count after blacking out (multiple times) in the shower sent me to the ER. I'm OK, but yesterday was defined mostly by me sleeping on the couch.

The podcast would have gone down today, after watching my kid's Christmas program at school, if not for the fact that he's been vomiting all night. (And when you have an hour-long commute home with a vomiting child in the back seat, there's also a lot of laundry to do when you arrive.)

Tomorrow would be the Crack Technical Staff's turn to get sick, but I don't think that's going to happen. For one thing, he's far too dedicated to the podcast to let a little stomach flu get in the way. For another thing, and perhaps more importantly, he's much more prone to injury than illness. So, no, the podcast won't be pushed off for anything like pneumonia tomorrow, but I wouldn't rule out him cutting off a toe or something.

Regardless, there's been some actual activity on the Reds' roster, so I probably ought to say something about it. And I'd better do it quick before I black out again, find I have regurgitated Popsicle to clean up, or gross you out any more than I already have.

1 comment to “Podcasts and the Health Issues that Delay Them”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    Yikes. You’ve certainly had an interesting day.

    I hope they at least gave you some good drugs. You’ve been sick for a week now. You deserve some good drugs, darn it.