Daily Archives: January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007

It’s Awful Quiet in Rabbit Valley

We're trying to sell our house.

It's a 3-bedroom house, almost 2000 square feet, but every time we get showing feedback, we heard that it was too small. Finally it occurred to me that perhaps, since we used one of the bedrooms as a home office and another as a t.v. room separate from our living room, that perhaps we were not doing our best to showcase just how many children you could cram into this place.

Hence, the massive rearrangement effort commenced. We couldn't move our son's bed into the office until we moved the computers. We couldn't move the computers upstairs until we moved our bed. We couldn't move our bed into the t.v. room until we moved the entertainment center. We couldn't move the entertainment center into the living room until we sorted through the 50,000,000 wires, held together with twist ties every six inches.

It was like a huge slider puzzle, only with heavy lifting.

Finally, most of the major furniture is in the correct rooms. Only minor repainting will have to be done and we seem not to have sustained any serious injuries.

All of this is just a big fat excuse for my lack of posting. We still have a couple dressers to relocate tomorrow, but Reds Caravan is on Saturday, so you can be assured that I'll be posting for that.

In the meantime, why not vote in the poll, start a diary, and check out my appearance on the Big League Baseball Report. You'll love listening to me try to be funny while Joe and Phil do their impression of an oil painting. Not so much as a chuckle when I said that the defense would improve because Griffey's injured? Come on!