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January 30, 2007

Suddenly, the Lettering on the Reds Jerseys Seems OK

Chick Magnet As if you didn't already have enough reasons to be glad not to be a Pirates fan, this is apparently their new alternate home jersey design.

Says Pat of WHYGAS? has this to say:

Bright red vest, black lettering, black sleeves, gold trim, and bringing back the black cap with the red bill. Calling it “ugly as sin” would be offensive to sin.

Meanwhile, I'm concerned that this is just too much suffering for baseball fans in the greater Pittsburgh area and karma is bound to come around if we don't do something drastically nice for them. Quick! Let's send them Sean Casey!

January 30, 2007

Reds Caravan Pictures

Mr. Red workin' his magic
We didn't mention it in the podcast, but there were a couple other celebrities split between the north and south legs of the Reds' Caravan: Gapper and Mr. Red. I think most people would think that we got the better part of the deal with Mr. Red, but I still don't think it was enough to balance out Brandon Phillips. Besides, I've got a killer idea for a one-on-one interview with the Gapper.

Freezing fans lined out the door
There were so many people hoping to catch a glimpse of Thom Brennaman that they were lined up out the door. It was freezing cold in the lobby area thanks to the fact that the front doors were propped open by the autograph seekers, which at least distracted us from the fact that we were packed in like sardines, our feet hurt from standing so long, and we couldn't hear the Q&A going on 30 feet away.

The uncomfortably cramped clubhouse
The other side of the restaurant is a big, rectangular dining room, but they elected to have these guys backlit by the three projection screens that adorn the clubhouse at Damon's. You know, this would have gone better if Rob Butcher had been there.

Tom Browning and Chris Dickerson
The Crack Technical Staff had to brave the dirty looks of the masses around us to stand up on a bench in the lobby and snap this photo.

Signing autographs in front of the big screens
But after all the shivering, suffering, and waiting, the line finally started to move and we got a chance to exchange a snarky comment or two with just about every guy there.