May 1, 2008

Reds 2, Cardinals 5: So Obvious



In a move surprising no one who trusts my predictions, the Reds (12-17) dropped the final game of their series with the Cardinals (18-11).

Aaron Harang (1-4) quality started himself to a loss thanks to his usual lack of run support this year. I remember that afflicting Bronson Arroyo last year, and it looks like Arroyo passed it on to Harang. By that logic, Harang will suck next year.

Braden Looper (4-1) was slightly better than Harang and possessing the better offense, for the win. Jason Isringhausen (S 9) got his ninth save.

Both teams take May Day off before starting new series on Friday. The Reds sail to Atlanta, trying desperately to right their ship, not realizing it’s already sunk. The Cardinals stay home to face in-division rival the Cubs. The latter series should be fun to watch this weekend.

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