May 14, 2008

Padres 4, Cubs 3: For Want of Jim Edmonds

Padres (15-25)0004000004101
Cubs (23-16)120000000370
W: Shawn Estes (1-0) L: Jason Marquis (1-3) S: Trevor Hoffman (7)


The Cubs lost to the Padres, and seem to think the reason was the lack of Jim Edmonds hobbling around the outfield. Hopefully for the NLC–and all of baseball–that will be rectified as soon as possible. Chicago needs to further screw up Felix Pie’s development and they need to do it quick!

Jason Marquis started for the Cubs and did well until the 4th, when his standard suckiness reared its familiar head. Hmm, the 4th inning, huh? Sounds like Marquis has a problem making it through the lineup a second time. If only there were a pitching spot on the team that could take advantage of that.

Alfonso Soriano lead off the game for the Cubs with a solo shot. I take back whatever I wrote before. That hit totally makes it worth having him lead off. Chicago scored again in the second, but shut it down after that, apparently thinking 3 runs would be more than enough for Marquis.

Jake Peavy is the pitcher tonight for the Padres when he fights against Ted Lilly at 8:05pm EDT.

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