May 15, 2008

Astros 6, Giants 3: Every NL Central Team Is Better Than The Giants

Astros (23-18)3000001206112
Giants (17-24)0300000003110
W: Oscar Villareal (1-3) L: Jack Taschner (2-1) S: Jose Valverde (10)


The Astros kept pace with the Cubs and proved that they, along with all the other NL Central teams, are better than the San Francisco Giants. (With the possible exception of the Reds. I think they lost the series to San Fran, but I’m too lazy to look it up and will simply assume that the lost. With the Reds, it’s the safe assumption to make.)

Houston got on the board early, thanks to Lance Berkman hitting another homer. There was a runner on, but it wasn’t Michael Bourn. Like many other teams, the Astros don’t seem to realize that leadoff hitters with speed have to get on the bases to have that speed be an asset. Instead, Bourn, like Corey Patterson and Alfonso Soriano, loves to make outs. He makes an out 73% of the time. Ouch.

But the Astros won anyway, thanks to the rest of the offense and decent pitching. They sit in third place, 1.5 games behind Chicago.

This afternoon Chris Sampson battles with Tim Lincecum at 3:45pm EDT.

3 comments to “Astros 6, Giants 3: Every NL Central Team Is Better Than The Giants”

  1. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Well, you know what that makes you when you assume…

    April 25: Giants 3, Reds 1
    April 26: Reds 10, Giants 9
    April 27: Reds 10, Giants 1

    That was back when we thought the offense was finally getting going. Then after a close win in St. Louis, they lost 4 in a row – scoring a total of 5 runs.

    Anyhoo, Reds > Giants.

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    Yeah, Zeldink, how can you forget the game where they scored seven runs off Zito in the first three innings? Here’s a towel, better wipe that egg off your face. That’s ALMOST as bad as the time when I called Francisco Cordero “Chad.” 🙂

    Incidentally, the Giants also have a winning record against St. Louis so far this season. They split a four-game series with the Cardinals and took two of three in another series with them back in April.

    They haven’t faced the Cubs yet, but I’m hoping they kick serious butt when they do.


  3. Zeldink says:

    Holy Crap! Comments! I’ll have to not research more often.

    🙂 Thanks for looking that up. For some reason, I’d forgotten the Reds won those. In my defense, not remembering Barry Zito getting bombed is like not remembering your drive to work: it happens all the time.