May 19, 2008

Red Hot Mama on the Big Screen

Thanks to Joel for the tip that the John Morrell Love My Reds segment featuring the Crack Technical Staff and yours truly showed on the big board at Great American Ball Park yesterday. He told me that the sound wasn’t so much understandable in the stadium, but if you were at the game and noticed a couple goons grinning like idiots in front of microphones, that was us, pretending to record a podcast.

Stay tuned and I’ll see about getting a copy of the segment to post here. Then you can hear the nerdy commentary that went with the idiot grins.

2 comments to “Red Hot Mama on the Big Screen”

  1. nick says:

    We saw the segment too! I haven’t checked out this blog in a while so thanks for the reminder! We tried to post a video on that website but there were no links. How did you do it???

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    The team actually contacted me and sent someone out to do the filming. If I’d made my own video, the utter lack of professionalism definitely would have showed.