June 27, 2008

Orioles 11, Cubs 4: Isn’t it Past Time to Do Something about Marquis De Suck?

Orioles (40-37)00521300011130
Cubs (49-30)0000030104102
W: Liz (2-0) L: Marquis (6-4)


The Cubs lost their first home series in a good long while to the Orioles, of all teams. Of course, considering Jason Marquis was pitching the rubber-match, the blow-out loss isn’t surprising.

Let’s roll that beautiful Marquis line score: 7 runs, all earned, in 4 innings of work. Ouch. Not good for any starter on a team with delusions of world domination, let alone the 4th or 5th.

So now the Cubs have both Marquis and Jim Edmonds on the team, both former Cardinals. Edmonds has been attempting to win over Cubs fans by flashes of competency–including a walk-off hit–but I have to wonder how this will end. You know Cardinals fans are hoping they’ll somehow sabotage Chicago’s season. Me, I don’t think the Cubs need any help screwing up their postseason chances from their oldest rival. They’ve been doing that just fine for a century.

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