June 27, 2008

Reds 1, Blue Jays 7: The Passion of Volquez

Reds (36-44)000100000141
Blue Jays (38-42)02302000-760
W: Litsch (8-4) L: Volquez (10-3)


Edinson Volquez finally sucked for the Reds last night. In 4 1/3 innings, he allowed 7 runs-5 earned–and struck out none. None!

It was an ugly game. No, strike that. It was a Cincinnati game, the kind I expect to see since returning with Ken Griffey, Jr. in 2000. But Volquez’ starts had been something different: a win.

Ah, well. Everybody screws the pooch sometime.

The offense was no help, per usual. Jerry Hairston, Jr. was back, for whatever that’s worth. Griffey’s still old, and Dunn obviously has no passion and can’t hit well (he was 2-4 and scored the only Reds run).

Things are pretty down in Reds land right now, if web traffic is any indication. What I can’t figure out is why it took until almost July. I mean, Dusty Baker, the harbinger of all things antithetical to baseball goodness, was hired last year!

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