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August 10, 2008

The Cubs’ Biggest Enemy

When the Cubs were blown out by the Cardinals yesterday, my natural inclination was to proclaim it the beginning of the end; the first sign of the inevitable implosion.

As satisfactory as I found that kind of drama, it was a stupid idea. Every team gets blown out sometimes (even teams the Reds play), and the Cubs had won the first game of the series. They won that first game with the help of a couple homers from former Card, Jim Edmonds. I’m sure I’m not the first person to ponder the possibility that Edmond’s is just hiding his dyed-in-the-wool Cardinalness and is now just lulling the Cubs into a false sense of security before he unintentionally begins their inevitable implosion in a few weeks. Not like he’s a cheater or on the take or anything, but just that he’d suddenly look inside himself and find that he wasn’t able to do anything to hurt his former team.

I see the Cubs won again tonight. They’re a genuinely good team with a genuinely good manager. That must be nice. I still think the implosion is inevitable.