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August 22, 2008

Reds 2, Cubs 3: OMG! Patterson Walked!

Reds (56-72)000001010270
Cubs (78-49)11100000-361
W: Zambrano (13-5) L: Fogg (2-6) S: Wood (26)


While watching a team as sucktastic as the Reds, one must search to find game events to take pleasure in. (And no, fantasizing about “manager” Dusty Baker being fired, as he has worked so hard on showing he deserves, doesn’t count.)

Today, I reached a new low. When I looked at the box score, my eyes lit up and I laughed. For the mighty, the ineffectual, the recipient of Dusty’s man-crush, Corey Patterson, had drawn a walk.

Let us lift our glasses in a toast to this unaccomplished “baseball player.” For he has achieved something remarkable, something that most players do dozens of times in a year. CPat just got his 12th walk. Along with his hit, he raised his Not Out Percentage to 23%. Well, done, CPat. Well, done.

Oh, the Reds lost. Zambrano was pitching for the Cubs. Was there any other possible outcome?