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September 19, 2008

Cardinals 5, Reds 4: It’s Official, Dusty Baker is a Loser

Cardinals (79-73)003010010561
Reds (70-82)011001001480
W: Lohse (14-6) L: Volquez (16-6) S: Motte (1)


Remember when the Reds hired Dusty Baker because he was a proven winner? (I still haven’t gotten the smell out of my clothes from that bull crap.)

Well, Baker proved that statement false, as so many knew he would. The Reds lost their 82nd game yesterday, cementing them as a loser for 2008. That’s, what, 8 years now? Look out Pittsburgh!

For Baker, it’s now his 3rd losing year in a row. I expect at least 1 more, 2 should the Reds insanely not fire him sometime next year.

As for the game, Edinson Volquez looked tired and overworked. It’s a good thing the Reds manager is renowned for his delicate care with young, still-growing pitchers.