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July 25, 2009

Cardinals Win The Matt Holliday Sweepstakes

The St. Louis Cardinals traded for Matt Holliday this week and dramatically boosted their chances to remain atop the NL Central. Again.

Everyone knew Holliday was going to be traded from the A’s this year, but the rumors were flying. Heck, even the Reds blogs were talking about how he might help the team. Unfortunately for Reds fans, the team is once again in selling, building for the future mode. Renting Holliday for the rest of the year wouldn’t have been enough to win anything. Unlike for the Cardinals, who are in first place but need a little offensive help to stay there.

Must be nice to follow a team who ends up in a good position when the draft deadline comes.

The Reds have done a great job over the last few years of building up the farm system. In my mind, a team’s prospects have two uses.

  1. Provide cheap, good talent for future wins.
  2. Use as payment for renting expensive veterans in a year when the playoff gods choose you.

Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker must think there’s another use, though: taunting young athletes who are superior to their overpriced crappy veteran counterparts (see Ramon Martinez and Willy Taveras).

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why the Reds are in the cellar again. Nah, couldn’t be. The Chicago Cubs were great when Baker was there.