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August 9, 2009

Reds Win!

And win again, before losing. And hopefully not losing again this very afternoon.

Though, as the CTS pointed out referring to the first of those wins, against the Cubs, even the worst team in baseball wins at least 30% of their games. And as he further pointed out referring to the second, against the Giants, that was the most unlikely ninth inning ever. Jeez, one would hope a team with five errors in a game would lose.

Since then, the Reds lost the second in the series against the Giants, and now Brandon Phillips has tied Joey Votto with 17 home runs this season. It sure would have been great if one of the two guys ahead of him–Willy Taveras (.273 OBP) and Alex Gonzalez (.250 OBP)–had had a prayer of being on base when he did it.

Did you know that the Reds are tied for worst in OBP in the league? The Reds and Giants each get on base only 31% of the time. At least this ought to be a quick game.