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August 16, 2009

Nationals 10, Reds 6: How Bad Are The Reds?

Nationals (42-75)01630000010143
Reds (50-66)001000401690
W: Martin (2-2) L: Cueto (8-10)


This year I haven’t really considered the Washington Nationals a real team. They’re just so bad, it’s hard to take them seriously. I mean, they’ve consistently been winning only a third of the team for most of the year. In the world of bad teams, that’s truly atrocious.

So you might think the Cincinnati Reds would be able to beat up on the Nats. If so, you would be wrong. The series started off well, with the Reds finding a magical bat for Johnny Gomes and a magical bag of things for Bronson Arroyo to ingest giving them a 7-0 win.

Then things started to fall apart. Aaron Harang started the second game, received no run support, and the Reds were shutout 2-0.

Last night I flipped the game on to discover it was already 7-0. Wow. What the hell happened to Johnny Cueto? Oh, yeah, he pitches for the Reds.

Still, the Reds did mount a bit of a comeback, scoring 4 in the 7th thanks to Joey Votto and Drew Sutton’s first home run. It wasn’t enough.

With the loss, I at first thought the Reds had lost the series to the Nationals. But no, this is a 4-game series. That won’t happen until today.

On the bright side, Adam Dunn continues his streak of homering in Great American Ball Park every year of his major league career. So there’s that.