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September 3, 2009

Grande makes list of top talkers

Why in the world the Wall Street Journal is timing the talking of major league baseball color men, I don’t know. Though after a semester of an MBA program, I can imagine the constant nattering about mergers and market penetration needing to be broken up a little.

Whatever the reason, someone from WSJ counted up the words spoken by the color guy in the first scoreless inning of every team’s home broadcast on Friday and then ranked them by verbosity. The NLC was well-represented, with five teams in the top 13:

Vin Scully* Dodgers 143.51
Dan McLaughlin Cardinals 109.93
Bob Carpenter Nationals 102.33
George Grande Reds 102.06
Daron Sutton Dbacks 100.36
Ryan Lefebvre Royals 96.71
Brian Anderson Brewers 96.06
Dick Bremer Twins 94.81
Bill Brown Astros 89.11
Dave Niehaus Mariners 84.14
Tom McCarthy Phillies 82.97
Don Orsillo Red Sox 81.73
Tim Neverett Pirates 81.55

*Mr. Scully is the only announcer in the Dodgers’ broadcast booth