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September 28, 2009

The Last Off Day before The Big Off Day

The Reds rested up today, getting ready for that final push against the Cardinals and the Pirates before calling it a year. These could be good series for the Reds: the Cards have no particular reason to try and neither do the Pirates.

Actually, this whole season has been kind of like that, at least here at the end. When your most hotly contested division features the Tigers and the Twins, you know you don’t exactly have a thrilling September on your hands.

In Reds land, thoughts have already turned to the future. The official website is featuring a story on the new spring training complex in Goodyear, AZ (I can’t wait to go!) and I found myself struck with the sudden sad thought that, in a few years, Joey Votto could be this generation’s Lee May. Not sure who this generation’s Joe Morgan is who he’d be traded for, but that’s why you watch the games.