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September 9, 2009

Reds’ Injury Report


  1. 14 players appear on the Reds’ list on mlb.com. No other team has so many players. The Mets come close with 13. The Cardinals have 2.
  2. 11 different injuried body parts among 14 injured players. They’re going to need to expand the roster if they want to get to all 2001.
  3. We saw Jay Bruce play in Indianapolis this weekend. He didn’t exactly astound.
  4. This is the first time this sentence has ever been included on this page.
  5. Maybe he just needs some privacy.
  6. Remember The Trade?
  7. Sure, he’ll be back any day now. You don’t need to hear out of both ears to pitch, do you?
  8. Heaven help us, that’s NOW.
  9. 2010 is going to be another long season.