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October 18, 2009

Reds Tire of Tedious Interviewing

Give Up After 2 Weeks

After a grueling 15 days without a pitching coach, the Cincinnati Reds took a page from the Nobel Peace Prize committee and hired someone earlier than necessary. Bryan Price, formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks, will be the pitching coach for next year’s losing effort.

Many Reds fans had speculated that the Reds might pursue Dave Duncan, whose contract ends with the St. Louis Cardinals after this season. Of course, the Reds would have to, you know, interview people instead of hiring the first moron who they could lure into Cincinnati.

All I can figure is that with the Arizona Fall League stating, the Reds were going crazy with the idea of not having a pitching coach. I mean, how are the pitchers going know that they’re supposed to throw strikes instead of balls.