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March 26, 2011

Reds Injury Round-up

It seems like the Cincinnati Reds have had a really healthy Spring Training, at least until this last week. This weeks has been rough, using up the team’s entire starting rotation depth.

Here’s where the team stands now.

  • Bronson Arroyo’s “flu” has been diagnosed. This week, he was tested for something called Valley Fever, which sounds like an 80s California girl disease. The results came back negative, but doctors did decide Arroyo had mononucleosis. He plans on pitching through it by cutting out everything in his day except for pitching. “I’ll eliminate all my extra-curricular activities, which is a lot,” he said. “No golf. I’ll just come to park and go home and rest.” The disease can zap your energy level quickly, so it’ll have to go away quickly, I think, for Arroyo to perform at a high level this year.
  • Homer Bailey is the latest starter to be placed on the disabled list. He has what is being called “shoulder impingement” and will be out two to four weeks. Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty thought it was an issue that Bailey could have pitched through, but since it’s so early, they decided to shut Bailey down and let it heal. It would be good for it not to be an issue during the season.
  • Johnny Cueto was the first starter to go down. He has forearm pain, and all of Redsland fears he’ll end up missing the full season with Tommy John surgery. The jury’s still out on that one. Cueto’s on the disabled list, having been prescribed time off from pitching. Really, the Reds have no other choice. Hopefully, that will work.
  • Ramon Hernandez remains day-to-day with his sore elbow. His arm seems to hurt for him when he throws the ball, which is a kind of important activity for a catcher.
  • Scott Rolen was hit by a pitch on Thursday and hasn’t played a game since. At the time, he was unable to grip the bat for his next plate appearance. He has missed two straight games, and is likely to miss more.

It hasn’t been a good week to be a Reds pitcher. Opening Day is still about a week away, and the Reds rotation has been depleted. As it stands now, Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto are out, and Sam LeCure and Mike Leake are in. Hopefully, everybody else can manage to stay healthy between now and Thursday.