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March 3, 2011

Another Bobblehead Revealed: Dusty Baker

Yesterday, the Cincinnati Reds revealed the first look at the bobblehead for Jonny Gomes. Today, they’ve shown another one. And it, like Gomes’ with the arm attached to the bobbling helmet, is something special.

Baker's bobbling toothpick holder.

Just look at that bad boy. Dusty Baker, in all of his toothpick-chewing glory. Now with a place to put your toothipicks, before or after you’ve chewed them! Seriously, the Reds have turned it up a notch for the bobblehead giveaways this year. I’m interested in these.

Baker’s likeness will be given away on July 2 to the first 30,000 fans. No word on if toothpicks are included.

March 3, 2011

The Daily Brief: It’s Okay, Arizona! Hernandez is Legal Now!

Last Game
Homer Bailey put in his first start yesterday, and managed to allow no runs over two innings. That is a good step towards what Dusty Baker sees as his potential: “He’s got a chance to be an ace I think.” The bullpen did not pitch like aces as both Carlos Fisher and Jose Arredondo allowed three runs, but Darryl Thompson pitched the last couple innings to nail things down and get the win.

The offense was provided by home runs from Devin Mesoraco and Jeremy Hermida.

Next Game
The Los Angeles Dodgers come to Goodyear today, bringing with them Hiroki Kuroda to start against Travis Wood. This is a late game with a start time of 9:05pm EST, and it is on the radio.

Hernandez Becomes a Legal Immigrant
Ramon Hernandez, the Reds catcher, announced today that he passed his United State citizenship test.

“My wife, my kids are citizens,” he said. “I was the last one.”

His next step will be the swearing in, but a date hasn’t been provided for that. Welcome to the country. I would recommend against staying in Arizona any more than you have to, though.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
The Reds recorded only 72 errors in 2010, which bested the previous club record by 17.

March 3, 2011

Jonny Gomes: The Bobblehead (and Arm)

Yesterday, the Cincinnati Reds posted a picture of this season’s Jonny Gomes bobblehead giveaway on their twitter feed.

Gomes in bobblehead form.

See that little spring on his right elbow? His arm bobbles with the head! That should capture his twitchiness at the plate quite nicely.

Gomes’ giveaway night is July 23. The bobblehead will be given to the first 30,000 fans.