May 3, 2006

I’m So Sorry

Dear readers, please forgive me for the Smack Talkin' Fake News that I am about to post. If you thought the rubber position post was bad, just know that I'm about to take it up a notch.

Looks like we're going to be treated to the trash-talk stylings of Rox Girl this evening. If you missed it in the comments, she says:

So, I couldn't help notice that Brandon Claussen's pitching for your team tonight… I mean, if you're okay wearing that, I'm not going to stop you, but I'd personally go with something a little less loose with the longball if you know what I mean. I mean how many homeruns did he give up his last time away from the GAB? Like twenty? In one inning?

Yeah. That just wouldn't be my thing. But you go ahead with it if you think it suits you.

Don't you love her already??

2 comments to “I’m So Sorry”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Speaking who’s wearing what to the game, the Rockies counter with Jeff Francis, who’s 0-2 this season, and in his career against the Reds has given up four homers and six runs on 9 hits and 6 walks in 11 innings of work. Oh, sometimes he has trouble hitting the strike zone, too, he’s walked 18 in 28 innings. He didn’t have any difficulty hitting Steve Finley, though.

    It goes without saying that while the Reds were sweeping the Cardinals, the Rockies were having a close encounter of the broom kind themselves. But they were on the wrong end of it, taking a pair of defeats from the Braves in a two-game series.

    Now we know what Rox Girl’s “Purple Row” is. It’s a row of purple hyacinths, which signifies sorrow.


    HMZ (John)

  2. Rox Girl says:

    hmm… yeah…. hyacinths… hoho I say that’s a jolly good barb ole chap! Jolly good!

    Uhm, no. I’m sorry that just seems a little bit of a stretch to me. I know it took you a little thinking, though, so gold star for the effort! [img][/img] – this row, a mile above sea level is where Matt Holliday’s first homerun is going to land tonight. His second will probably just hit Adam Dunn in the noggan and bounce out.