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May 11, 2006

I Guess They Really Did Miss His Bat

Ken Griffey, Jr., in his first game back after almost a month on the disabled list, just hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th to salvage a game that the Reds had apparently prepared to forfeit as evidenced by letting Rick White pitch.

Griffey whacked the ball, then swaggered his way half-way to first before jogging the rest of the way. I thought he was just being cocky, but then I realized that he was probably saving his legs. That's either a fly out or a home run; no need to strain the titanium.

In St. Louis, the fans demand a curtain call after every home run. The Cincinnati fans are more selective than that, which made Jr.'s tip of the cap all the more meaningful.

Go Reds!

May 11, 2006

In Chicago, You Can Hear A Pin Drop

And now for tonight's $60,000 question:

What happened to all those smack-talkin' Cubs fans we had here at RHM a month or so ago?

They've sure gotten quiet now that the Cubs have lost nine out of their last ten games. Oh, I know! They're probably too busy being thankful for the existence of the Pittsburgh Pirates, that being the only reason the Cubs aren't in the division basement right now.

According to something I read earlier tonight, the last time the Cubs won only one game on a nine-game road trip was May 1981. That was a strike year. The Cubs went 38-65 (.369) under not-so-legendary manager Joey Amalfitano that year. Who, come to think of it, wasn't all that legendary as a player, either. But then, that's probably why one of the teams he played for was the Cubs.

I know this is kickin' 'em when they're down, but Arroyo's just blanked the Nationals in the top of the first, and I had to have something to do during the commercials, and while Nationals' starting pitcher (and Cinci native) Zach Day warms up for his shelling at the hands of the Reds tonight (Day has a 7.11 ERA coming into this one. Seven-Eleven is good if you're looking for a convenience store. It's not good if it's your ERA).

But, I digress. We were talking about the Cubs. Get it while you can, Cubs fans (if there are any left after that road trip), because I have a feeling nobody's going to be talking much about the Cubs for quite some time.

Unless it's to compare them to the 2003 Tigers and 1962 Mets.

John, KC2HMZ

May 11, 2006

Junior Returns; Denorfia Odd Man Out

So says Marc:

The Reds have activated Ken Griffey Jr. from the disabled list and optioned Chris Denorfia to Louisville.

UPDATE: Griffey is in the starting lineup, batting third and playing center field.

I can't believe it. There was a growing cloud in my mind that Griffey would never play again. I'll miss Denorfia and his dimples, but he'll be back.

May 11, 2006

Let’s Hear It for Austin Kearns

I'm booked in meetings all day today, so I can't really post much of anything, even during my lunch hour. Hopefully I'll catch up when I get home.

But I am taking a moment to express my appreciation for finally getting the opportunity to see the Austin Kearns that we've all been waiting for. How many years have we been waiting for this guy to show up? And now he's finally here. It's just wonderful.

Kearns isn't just a heck of a defender and suddenly quite hot at the plate; he also looks the part of an old-school baseball player. He's got the strong chin, the unkempt curls, even the distinguishing physical characteristic in those ears.

All he's really lacking is a good nickname. Times past he would have been “Pee-Wee” or “Jocko” or something. We'll have to work on that part.

In the meantime, I'm just glad he's here.