May 11, 2006

Junior Returns; Denorfia Odd Man Out

So says Marc:

The Reds have activated Ken Griffey Jr. from the disabled list and optioned Chris Denorfia to Louisville.

UPDATE: Griffey is in the starting lineup, batting third and playing center field.

I can't believe it. There was a growing cloud in my mind that Griffey would never play again. I'll miss Denorfia and his dimples, but he'll be back.

2 comments to “Junior Returns; Denorfia Odd Man Out”

  1. DPardue says:

    I suppose Denorfia could benefit from more ABs in Louisville, but I think he brings more to the Reds as the extra outfielder than McCracken does. Assuming Kearns, Griffey, and Dunn remain with the club for the next few years, Denorfia’s playing time in Cincinnati is going be very limited. He could be starting for a quite a few big league times right now as I just don’t see that he has much more to prove in AAA any more. Perhaps the Reds can package him come June or July to help solidify some pitching. Krivsky got the best of Epstein last time around. Maybe the Reds could package Denorfia and a Tony Womack bobblehead doll for Curt Schilling.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    I absolutely agree about Denorfia bringing more than McCracken, though I don’t think McCracken has been so bad himself. We haven’t seen much of Dino, but from what little we have seen, he seems to be a very viable outfield option. A deal with him would be a possibility, but he also makes a deal for any of the other guys a possibility as well.