February 13, 2007

Josh Hamilton

There's an extensive, in-depth profile of the new Reds' outfielder, Josh Hamilton, on WashingtonPost.com today. It inspired me to borrow liberally from it and write my own extensive, in-depth human league entry about him.

What a story this kid has. If he works out, Krivsky's going to look pretty smart. If he doesn't, I think Bubba Crosby has good reason to be resentful.

8 comments to “Josh Hamilton”

  1. RainDelay says:

    Not sure if you’ve noticed but the link is mucked up for the Human League Entry.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Thanks for the head-up. Ought to be all fixed now.

  3. RainDelay says:

    No problemo. 🙂

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Nice article.

    The Enquirer seems to think he’ll make the 25-man no matter how bad he is, but most everyone else seems to think he’ll meet the fate of most Rule 5 picks – returned to sender.

    I don’t see how the Reds can keep him on the roster. He’s missed so much time. The highest he’s been in a very brief stint in double-A, and he didn’t do very well there. At this point in his career, he needs to play every day, and not just as a LIDR.

    Maybe if they didn’t have three catchers…

  5. Zeldink says:

    You obviously didn’t see how the Reds dealt with Wily Mo Peña. Although it was a different owner and a more evil GM, I could still see the Reds holding onto Hamilton for the full year.

    For some reason, the team sometimes forgets that their strength is developing outfielders and shoots themselves in the foot over potential.

  6. BubbaFan says:

    Hamilton and a third catcher would, IMVHO, mean they’re writing off this season. I just don’t see how a team, especially a NL team, can do that if they’re serious about winning.

    Speaking of Wily Mo…he’s giving the Red Sox a big headache. They pride themselves on avoiding arbitration, but it looks like that where they’re headed with Pena.

  7. Zeldink says:

    Wily Mo’s agent seems very good at getting him money in the here-and-now with no regard for improving his playing ability.

    I liked a lot about Peña, but I can’t say I’m sad that he’s gone, especially considering what the Reds got for him.

  8. BubbaFan says:

    The Reds definitely got the better end of that deal.

    They got the better end of the Wily Mo for Drew Henson deal, too. And the Claussen for Aaron Boone deal…