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February 16, 2007

As If the Cubs Outfield Didn’t Already Make Me Laugh…

You can always count on Goat Riders of the Apocalypse for a good photo essay. I'm amazed that they can even think about potential Cliff Floyd injuries in the wake of the disasterous-and-totally-unexpected Kerry Wood injury that we found out about this morning.

February 16, 2007

Divisional Comparison Continues: First Base

Alas, the Reds-dissing continues as the comparison of the players in the NLC moves on to first base. Alack, this time it's much more justified:

Pujols 566 AB .320/.423/.643 48 HR 122 RBI 9 SB + Def
Berkman 529 AB .301/.414/.558 34 HR 109 RBI 5 SB
Hatteberg 460 AB .270/.360/.398 11 HR 62 RBI 1 SB
Fielder 542 AB .280/.358/.513 30 HR 87 RBI 5 SB
LaRoche 445 AB .279/.345/.526 24 HR 89 RBI 0 SB
Lee 501 AB .299/.383/.567 32 HR 97 RBI 10 SB + Def

This is an exciting group of players to say the least. It’s scary to think that the power numbers could be conservative guesses due to changes in 2007 that ZiPS might not account for. A healthy Derrek Lee will get closer to 550 AB (same with Berkman), and Pujols should approach 600. I wouldn’t consider any of them to be particularly prone to injury. Adam LaRoche won’t be platooning this year, so barring a stint on the DL, he’ll get well over his estimated 445 AB. That also might mean his batting average will take a hit, as he’ll face more left-handed pitching. Scott Hatteberg might lose some late season playing time to Joey Votto, so I’m not certain he’ll get 460 AB. Prince Fielder’s projections look about right to me. He’ll mash, just like his daddy.

STL=10 | HOU=9 | CHC=9 | MIL=7 | PIT=7 | CIN=4

Though I quibble with Conine's contribution being left out of the comparison, adding him in would hardly make first base a position to get excited about for the Reds compared to the other teams in the division.

I mean, we're talking about a position that, on other teams, has Albert Pujols and Derrek Lee. And we're also talking about the Reds, a team that hasn't depended on their first baseman for power since before Sean Casey.

But the Reds are a team that can't seem to turn around without someone hitting a home run, so I don't see the relative lack of production from first base as particularly problematic. I mean, that's what we have our left fielder, center fielder, third baseman, catcher, pinch hitter, and Bronson Arroyo for.

As for Joey Votto, isn't he still in AA Chattanooga? Given the organizational comfort with Hatteberg, I doubt we'll be seeing Votto this year before September. But come 2008, watch out, man: with Votto at age 24, Lee at 33, and Pujols at “29” the Reds will moving up in this position.

February 16, 2007

Stop the Presses! Junior’s Not Hurt!!

C. Trent has this from sunny Sarasota:

Ken Griffey Jr. said he feels good and his hand is fine. He's waiting for Dr. Kremchek to get here to reevaluate his hand.

And what of the mysterious event that caused the injury? Was it a hot tub incident?

With the assembled media around, he wouldn't address the particulars of his injury -- at first saying he was fishing with his family and caught a bullshark, it jumped into his boat and he was defending his kids. That, obviously -- literally and figuratively, was a fish story. The real story? Well, just wait a bit.

Oh that prankster!

C. Trent goes on to say that Griffey also wouldn't comment on a possible change to right field. Very forthcoming with the details today, that Griffey.

February 16, 2007

Narron on the Hot Seat?

Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News thinks that Reds' manager Jerry Narron is on the hot seat:

Jerry Narron, Cincinnati. The Reds did nothing significant in the offseason to address major holes, which doesn't bode well for a manager inherited by the current general manager.

By my recollection, all of the Reds' holes have been addressed (if not always adequately, imo), but even if they weren't, how would that have anything to do with the manager?

Also, by my recollection, Narron's contract has been extended since general manager Wayne Krivsky came aboard, so he's not really “inherited” anymore.

Besides which, Lou Piniella isn't available at the moment, so I think Narron will live to pinch-hit inappropriately another day.

February 16, 2007

Get Well Soon, Nuxy

Joe Nuxhall is in the hospital again, per The Enquirer:

Reds baseball legend Joe Nuxhall is expected to remain in a Florida hospital for a few more days while doctors conduct medical tests for a recurrence of lymphoma, his son said today.

In Florida for the team's annual spring training, Nuxhall, 78, went to Sarasota Memorial Hospital Wednesday for previously scheduled tests related to complications from lymphoma, said his son, Kim Nuxhall.

But Kim Nuxhall said doctors realized his lymphoma, detected in September 2003, has come back.

We here at RHM are thinking about you Nuxy. Get well soon.

UPDATE 4:31 p.m.
There are some additional details on Reds.com that Marty Brennaman shared after visiting Joe in the hospital:

Marty Brennaman, the 78-year-old Nuxhall's longtime broadcast partner, spent 90 minutes visiting “The Ol' Lefthander” at the hospital on Friday.

“He has the same amazing outlook about this setback as he's had about every one of them,” Brennaman said. “He doesn't leave open any possibility that he won't beat it, again.”