February 16, 2007

Stop the Presses! Junior’s Not Hurt!!

C. Trent has this from sunny Sarasota:

Ken Griffey Jr. said he feels good and his hand is fine. He's waiting for Dr. Kremchek to get here to reevaluate his hand.

And what of the mysterious event that caused the injury? Was it a hot tub incident?

With the assembled media around, he wouldn't address the particulars of his injury -- at first saying he was fishing with his family and caught a bullshark, it jumped into his boat and he was defending his kids. That, obviously -- literally and figuratively, was a fish story. The real story? Well, just wait a bit.

Oh that prankster!

C. Trent goes on to say that Griffey also wouldn't comment on a possible change to right field. Very forthcoming with the details today, that Griffey.

2 comments to “Stop the Presses! Junior’s Not Hurt!!”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Excellent news.

    With the pitching we have now…

    Just think of all the innings last year that the Reds wasted on the likes of Brandon Claussen, Chris hammond, Dave Williams, Rick White, Joe Mays, s a Mike Burns. Even Love Shack had a horrible 2006 – as bad and maybe even worse than White, he just didn’t get as many opportunities to show it as White did last year.

    So, yeah, I’ll say it now: With the pitching we have now, and considering the Reds will not be running LaRue, Womack, and Clayton out there this year…if Griffey can put up anything like the numbers he did in 2005, he could wipe out that 3.5-game difference between the Reds and the Cardinals by himself.

  2. joeberk says:

    …. yet.

    I take May 13th in the 2007 “When Junior suffers an injury that sends him to the DL” pool.