April 9, 2007

Game’s About to Start

Jeepers, I'm about ready for bed and the Reds are just about to get started. I see that it's Thom and Chris on FSNO tonight. It's a homecoming of sorts for Thom, except that his return to Cincinnati was also a homecoming. I think this homecoming is more like the kind you had in college, when maybe your parents come out for a visit to see how you're doing and fail to mask their disgust at the state of your dorm room.

Yeah, I'm tired.

Don't know how long I'll be able to stay awake/use the computer before the CTS has to work on the taxes, but I'll ramble in the comments as long as I can.

5 comments to “Game’s About to Start”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    Does Brandon Phillips really have enough bat to be second in the line-up? I know there are problems with putting Dunner there, but still.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Freel’s only just grounded out to third, but I can already tell that I’m not as crazy about the away unis as the home ones. These gray number just look old.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Phillips walks, apparently just to prove Thom wrong for saying that the Reds batters are impatient.

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Dunno what was wrong, but this site was 404 for me for quite awuile tonight.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Yep, me too. That’s why my commenting on the game stopped so abruptly. And I was all ready to go off on the D-Back uniforms!

    Glad to see we’re back up now. It’s so hard to find good hosting these days.