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April 3, 2007

Blog Buzz

Lovable Losers Perspective
Mastrick at The View from the Bleachers is already running into problems with blackouts. Will it take bloodshed for baseball and cable companies to learn?

Ever wonder how Cubs fans keep hoping despite the near-century of losing? Jason of GROTA shares the Guide to Hope.

Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue reminds fans that the Cubs won the last two Opening Day games and had lousy seasons, so this year's loss isn't something to get worked up over. And he's right. It's not worth getting worked up until after their next 95 losses.

Rob G. of The Cub Reporter analyzes the impact of Lou Piniella, if you're into that sort of thing.

Reds Perspective
Jacci of We Heart the Reds had to go to work and so missed Josh Hamilton's first at-bat. You can find it on this page at Reds.com. Of course, stupid MLB site doesn't let me actually link to the video, but it's the first link in the list just before the story begins.

OMG, this is the first time I've actually visited Redus and Weep. Damn my commute eating up my time; I need to get Internet connectivity in the car.

Chad at Redleg Nation has the video of the worst ceremonial first pitch ever. Man, I bet that stings. I don't think I could remotely throw a strike, and I'd be terrified that I wouldn't make it all the way to the plate, but I'd like to think that the boundaries of the batter's boxes wouldn't be too much to ask of my arm.

Jeff at Reds Rally likes the new uniforms, as do JD of Red Reporter, Clint of The Olde 320 Pub, and JinAZ of JOBAR. And me too. They look like romantic heroes in them: our knights in white satin. Or something.

Admin of The Cutting Edge says maybe the Reds aren't going to be as bad as people thought. I think, with the 1 win, they're already better than some people thought. Throw in the beautiful unis, and the season's already a success.

Amen, sister!