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April 10, 2007

Hamilton’s First Major League Hit Is a Big One

Josh Hamilton, Cincinnati's favorite feel-good story of 2007, got his first major league hit tonight against the Diamondbacks with a home run off Edgar Gonzalez in the third inning. It's only the seventh inning as I write this, and Reds.com already has a story about it:

Hamilton batted leadoff and played center field on Tuesday for the Reds against the D-backs. Regular center fielder and leadoff man Ryan Freel was given a rest.

“I'm excited about it,” Hamilton said. “I don't want to get too excited. But I don't want to get too not excited either, you know? I don't know what to feel.”

Man, who could have guessed that this kid whose addictions nearly killed him, who never played a minute above A-level ball before this season, would be doing anything at this level? I mean, I guess we haven't seen him long-term. Those shin splints could always come back.

However Hamilton continues to work out this season, it's so nice for the Reds fans to have someone to get excited about.

April 10, 2007

Well, Crap

The forces of the universe are aligning against me posting for Red Hot Mama.

On Sunday, the CTS was trying to adjust the settings on the iMac, the computer I primarily use at home, and now any time you press any of the keys, the letter repeates like, six times. So if you press, for example, X, what appears on the the screen is XXXXXX. Makes for difficult blogging.

So we've been sharing this computer, but my time with it has been limited, thanks to the Crack Technical Staff's yearly stint as our Crack Tax Preparation Staff.

Of course, Red Hot Mama herself has been up and down. Our current hosting service is actually much more reliable than our previous ones, but I think that mostly just says something about our previous taste in hosts.

Not that I have much time, anyway, since we're shopping for a new house and trying to figure out how in the world we're going to handle two mortgages until this house sells. I think I've got that one figured out, at least. It's the latest fad in home decoration for those with no disposable income: milk crates.

So now, the computer is free, I've finished my house-researching tasks for the evening (“Just how much *will* it cost for us to fix all the holes in the wall around the dart board?”), and the only responsibility I'm shirking is sleeping, what do I see on the game but darned Kyle Lohse can't hold onto a lead.

I drifted off in the midst of Bronson Arroyo's start last night, and woke up to find out that they'd lost. What the heck, guys?

It's the universe. It's probably telling me to go to bed.