April 15, 2007

Game Thread for Sunday, April 15 vs Cubs

Line-up per C. trent

Ryan Freel CF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Adam Dunn LF
Jeff Conine 1B
Ken Griffey RF
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Juan Castro SS
David Ross C
Kyle Lohse P

Lets hope the Reds can improve on yesterdays Goose Egg

12 comments to “Game Thread for Sunday, April 15 vs Cubs”

  1. Redsfan68 says:

    This would be a perfect day for Juniors first dinger…

  2. Redsfan68 says:

    2nd inning single by Junior

  3. Redsfan68 says:

    Phillips walks, steals 2nd..scores on single by KO9

    1-0 Reds

  4. Redsfan68 says:

    Still 1-0 after 5

    nobody here, but nobody is missing anything

  5. Redsfan68 says:

    Lohse was awesome 8IP 0R 12K outstanding !!!

  6. Redsfan68 says:

    Reds win 1-0 !!!!

    Not without the obligitory scary 9th inning by Stormy…..

    Great job by Lohse !

    I guess everyone else actually had important things to do this Sunday !

  7. smartelf says:

    Hey thanks for the game thread… sorry I missed it.. I watched this game on TIVO delayed by like 30 minutes so I didn’t want to go online and spoil the excitement. What a game! What a gem by Lehse!

  8. smartelf says:

    I couldn’t believe they pulled Lohse after 8 … but it hindsight I am not going to complain much.

  9. Zeldink says:

    Weathers sure is scary in the 9th. Reminds me too frickin’ much of Danny Graves. But at least he’s not making anywhere near what Graves did.

    So is the Reds offense really going to be this bad all year? Or do we have some actual scoring to look forward to?

  10. Red Hot Mama says:

    Thanks, Redsfan68, for taking an interest in the Red Hot Mama community and putting up a game thread. You’re the awesome.

    We were out looking at houses again all day today. After the previous one was sold out from under us (ours was one of two offers, but the other one didn’t even ask for an inspection!), I think we’ve found contender number 2. If we can get ourselves moved, I’ll suddenly be able to fulfill some of the time obligation that I owe to Red Hot Mama, and no one will have to write a game thread alone! Except maybe sometimes me!

  11. Redsfan68 says:

    Don’t mention it RHM, it wasn’t hard, especially with there only being 2 hits and 1 run.

    Good luck with the house hunting, and make sure you listen to the house inspector. (take it from someone who learned the hard way)

  12. smartelf says:

    As for offense, I have to assume Junior will start hitting home runs eventually. The main problem is Encarnacion looking clueless in the heart of the order. We need him to find his stroke.