April 18, 2007

Welcome Back Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez, the defensive expert that the Reds brought in this off-season to replace Felipe Lopez, rejoined the team yesterday after spending five days in Miami with his hospitalized seven-month-old son, according to Reds.com:

Gonzalez's return doesn't mean all the news is good back at the hospital. Johan is scheduled to have surgery for his undisclosed ailment. It is possible the boy could be transported to have the operation performed at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati.

I can't even imagine how frightening and painful it must be to be away from his family for Gonzalez during this. When my son had to spend the night in the oxygen tent in the hospital when he was three, he was older and his condition not as apparently serious as little Johan's, but I could hardly take it.

I hope that everything works out OK and that an excellent season makes a good get-well present.

While Gonzalez was on bereavement leave, Enrique Cruz took his place with the team. He was DFA'd again to make room.

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