June 27, 2008

Rangers 2, Astros 7: Motivation via Strangulation

Rangers (40-40)000000011270
Astros (37-42)34000000-7151
W: Rodriguez (3-3) L: Millwood (5-4)


In the aftermath of the whole Shawn Chacon choking the Astros General Manager Ed Wade, the Astros actually played some baseball. And they played well, so take that all you nay-sayers about using strangulation as a motivation technique. Heck, it’s been working for Homer Simpson for years.

Wandy Rodriguez was pretty awesome, throwing lots of strikes and allowing few hits and fewer runs. Rodriguez pitched 8 innings of 1-run, 5-hit baseball, giving Houston their second series win in a row.

Wandy’s back on track, and Houston might be, as well. Of course, what would be more symbolic of rock bottom than players fighting front office staff in the clubhouse? There’s not much elsewhere to go but up.

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