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May 13, 2011

The Daily Brief: The Box is Locked; it’s Cardinal Fightin’ Time

Last Game
The Cincinnati Reds had an off-day yesterday, but the day before that, they lost in the 9th and failed to sweep the Houston Astros. Mike Leake got the loss.

Next Game
This is it. Today, the first showdown in Cincinnati between the Reds and the St. Louis Cardinals. Obviously everyone will be talking about that minor fracas from last year, especially when Johnny Cueto starts. But today, Bronson Arroyo will be heading to the mound to get the Reds one game closer to first place. The Cardinals will counter with Chris Carpenter and an infinite supply of bitchy complaints. Game-time is 7:10pm EDT, and yes, the game will be televised.

Shingles? Really?!
That bad case of conjunctivitis that Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa had turned out to be something more: a case of the shingles. Because of that, he’ll be sitting out this Reds-Cardinals series.

Bench coach Joe Pettini is serving as acting manager.

“Now I’ve got to think along with Pettini,” Baker said. “I was hoping Tony would be there.”

Baker has a losing lifetime managerial record against LaRussa at 95-99. I guess he’ll have to wait until next time to try to improve that.

What to Say to Sound Smart at the Water Cooler
Last year, the Reds were 6-12 against the Cardinals. So far this year, they’re 1-2.