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September 12, 2011

Reds Tweet-Up Saturday

he's no Jason LaRue, but I guess he'll doTonight, around the fourth inning, the Red Hot Family made the call to let the DVR change the channel from the Reds game to Eureka at 8:30 p.m. and instead go down to the basement to play You Don’t Know Jack! for the Wii. It’s a little blue for our 10-year old, but he’s got to learn these off-color references somewhere. There’s only so much we actually say during sporting events.

But I had some remorse tonight, thinking how, even though this game felt like a rerun, I’ll be missing even those in a month. Especially considering the sports craptacular that the Colts are promising to offer this season, I suddenly feel like I need to squeeze in as much baseball as possible. That’s why I’m sitting here listening to Thom and the Cowboy call the 12-7 routing the Reds are taking at the hands of, of all teams, the Cubs.

None of this really has anything to do with the title of this post, of course. Sometimes you think you’re going to go down one road and you just end up going down another, you know? Sort of like this whole season.

I won’t change the title, though, because I do want to make it known that a tweet-up is happening at the ball park on Saturday and that I’ll be there, desperately darting around the GABP trying to find the on magic spot in the whole place where I can get coverage with my AT&T phone.

As an added bonus, the team’s going to be dedicating the Johnny Bench statue, which is something that even the Cubs can’t mess up. Not even the Brewers, which is who the team will actually be playing by that point (assuming tonight’s game ever ends). Hope to tweet you there!