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September 13, 2011

Reds do their part in keeping elimination number at 1

W: Leake L: Dempster S: Cordero


The Reds beat the Cubs tonight, thereby doing their part to keep their elimination number at 1 and put us one step closer to making it possible for the team to fulfill my prediction that they would be eliminated tomorrow. Check the events on the right-side of the page. Now all that we need is for the Rockies to help out by beating the Brewers. It’s sort of hard to imagine that happening, except 1) they’re on a bit of a roll right now and 2) as of this writing, they’re leading the Brewers in the bottom of the sixth.

The win tonight was Mike Leake’s, and likely his last start of the season, seeing as there’s no much point in burning him out now. He went eight innings, giving up one run (earned) on six hits and two walks. It’s nice that he got to get the win over the Cubs this time around, especially considering his last start, where he was one damn out away from a complete game shutout and then gave up the lead on a super-sized home run to Bryan LaHair.

But even more importantly (to me, anyway) is that it was a decent game that I didn’t mind watching. Seems like we haven’t had enough of those lately.

This has barely been a real game wrap, so I don’t mind tacking on another reminder that the CTS and I will be in Cincinnati on Saturday as “celebrity” tweeters in the Reds tweet-up. Hope you can join in. There’s some good pre-game stuff going on that day too, if hanging with twits isn’t enough for you.