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September 15, 2011

Elimination, Heisey’s beard, and the Tweetup

Sure, that beard is worth a high fiveSince the last time I posted, the Reds were eliminated from post-season contention, first thanks to a win by the Brewers to eliminate them from the possibility of winning in the NLC, and then thanks to a win by the Braves to eliminate them from the possibility of winning the NL wildcard.

If you pay close attention to the “Events” that we show over on the right side of the blog layout, you noticed about a week ago I predicted that the elimination day would be yesterday, September 14. And, as it turned out, both eliminations happened on that day, thanks to the Brewers having a long game that went just past midnight EDT.

So, tonight’s Reds-Cubs game is definitely among those lame duck events where we get to see the flashes of awesomeness from the young guys and think, “why couldn’t he have done that in July?” Among the awesomeness I’ve seen tonight has been Chris Heisey’s facial hair. Not only would it surely have made all the difference in July, but it’s also nice for making young Heisey look legal.

This weekend’s games are not quite as exhibition-y as tonight’s game, seeing as the Reds are hosting the Brewers and could do their part to…I don’t know. Give the Cardinals a chance? Tire out the team? Take Prince Fielder out to Boi Na Braza?

Whatever the team does, there’s going to be the big unveiling of the Johnny Bench statue to take in, plus the Tweet-up on Saturday. I understand there may be prizes for participating tweeters.