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September 16, 2011

The indictment begins Monday

Conversation ’round the ol’ dinner table around here has been focusing more and more lately on who’s to blame for the utter free fall that we’ve endured the Reds suffering this season. All it takes is someone shaking their head and mutter, “remember at the beginning of the season when the Reds were good?” and off we go. It is only a matter of time till those sentiments overflow and the posts start taking on an indictment flavor.

But it’s the weekend and tomorrow there’s a tweet up and a Johnny Bench statue and a first place NLC team to check out. Why not let the vitriol simmer for another couple days while we take in the last home weekend game. Hell, Baker and Jocketty can wait; they will (probably) still be there on Monday.

Brewers why u so good?