March 24, 2012

Ryan Madson punches Reds fans in the gut

The only proper response to a Cincinnati Reds fan upon hearing this news is of the four-letter variety.

Yes, Ryan Madson, who has yet to appear in a Spring Training game due to a sore elbow, had a setback.

Closer Ryan Madson flew to Cincinnati to be evaluated by medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek. The examination will take place [Saturday].

Madson, who’s been dealing with a sore elbow all spring, had a setback on Thursday. With Opening Day 12 days away, it’s unlikely that Madson will be ready by then — no matter how minor the setback.


There’s now way of looking at this as positive. The Reds’ shiny new closer will not be ready on Opening Day, and there’s now the possibility that he won’t be available this whole year.

I’m hoping for something that he can recover from quickly, but right now, I’m not too confident.

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