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March 14, 2012

Who has less range: Carlos Lee or a LEGO man?

Retro Uniform DayOn the one hand, the LEGO man has his feet actually stuck to little pegs on the ground. On the other hand, even a LEGO man could cover left field in Houston.

The Reds have teamed up with the traveling LEGO KidsFest while it comes to town later this month to provide tickets to both the LEGO extravaganza and a Reds game:

Purchase a session ticket for the LEGO KidsFest at Duke Energy Convention Center on March 23-25 and then pick a View Level from one of four Reds games in April or May! Minimum two ticket purchase required.

Both great events for only $25!
A $35 Value

Among the games you can get tickets to is the Astros, so if you have kids above the choking risk age (or, if you are one of those people who make giant LEGO models), you can answer this title question with your own observation.